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How Can I Have A Brow Lift?

If you google brow lift likely you’ll get some scary images of surgeries and people lifting back your forehead! However there are other ways to get that fresher look!


What is a Brow Lift ?


A Brow Lift was traditionally done with surgery! However newer surgeries and simpler methods have been introduced! A brow lift involves reconstructing of the muscles of the of the forehead and eyebrows to create more open and youthful look. As we get older our eyes are the first areas to age – our eyebrows sag and create a droop effect.


Different Types of Brow Lifts


Coronal Brow Lift


Probably the most common type of surgical Brow Lift, a coronal Brow Lift is where an incision is used to lift the face. The incision typically goes from behind the hairline from ear to ear.


The surgeon removes excess skin and fat – then the remaining skin and muscles are moved into a more youthful appearance.  Think about how different a person looks when they get their eyebrows professionally shaped!


Endoscopic Brow Lift

The Endoscopic Brow Lift is becoming more and more popular with surgeons as it is less invasive than the traditional Coronal lift. With the endoscopic brow lift the surgeon’s makes a few small incisions rather than one large one. Then with these small incisions will use a specialised camera to view the muscles underneath. Using tiny tools then will reposition the muscles and remove tissue and fat – creating a new brow.


Botox Brow Lift


The Non Surgical method of Brow Lift is much less invasive. At Amara we perform Brow Lifts using Botox and it takes about 5 minutes!


Using Botox® we stop muscles from moving as this prevents the corner of our eye brow from being pulled down. This stops the eyebrows from being pulled down and having a saggy look.


This is not invasive at all and is much more subtle when compared to a surgical Brow Lift.


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