Hyperhidrosis Treatment Summer Special

Hyperhidrosis Treatment Summer Special!

Summer equals heat and, in Ireland, sometimes sun! Most of us crave this break from the cold, but what about when the heat is just too much for our clothes and instead of staying cool we become sweaty messes?! That’s where hyperhidrosis treatments (a treatment to help stop sweating) and our summer special come in!

What causes Hyperhidrosis?

Sweating is natural, it’s our body’s way of cooling us down with but with hyperhidrosis treatments our body’s cooling function tends to be hyperactive and produces too much sweat!

What Causes Hyperhidrosis - Amara Skincare Clinic

Excessive sweating in more severe cases can be a sign of conditions such as thyroid problems, diabetes or infections so if you are concerned it would be worthwhile going to your doctor just to eliminate any other possibilities!

Which Part of The Body Can be Treated For Hyperhidrosis?

We sweat almost everywhere on our body however excessive sweat mainly bothers us on our underarms, our hair line and our hands. In Amara we can help with excessive sweat on the hairline and underarms.

How do we do it?!

We can treat Hyperhidrosis with the same anti-wrinkle product that is famously used for faces, by injecting under the arm. The injections stop the sweat glands from working which reduces sweat! We inject directly into the skin of the area affected and it takes about 14 days until the treatment results kick in fully. The majority of people who receive anti-wrinkle injections for Hyperhidrosis notice a difference within the first week. Results last for 6-9months but are patient-dependent.

How much does a Hyperhidrosis treatment cost?

For first-time clients, underarm treatment is €700 including a review and top-up. Repeat clients are charged €550 for the same.

For a full list of costs for other excessive sweating treatments click here – AMARA PRICES 2022

If you’re self-conscious about sweating during the summer, why not book a free consultation today? Give us a call now at +353 1 676 1074 or contact us online to find out more!

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