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How To Stop Acne Scarring

You would think that after your pesky spot has gone that the worst is over. Then sometimes we’re left with a raw looking scar that’s harder to conceal than the original spot! So what can we do? We can prevent acne scarring if we treat our spots correctly!


What Causes Acne Scarring? 


The main cause of acne scarring is picking at your spots. We know that picking or bursting our spots is the worst thing we can do, but we continue to do it. If we burst our spots we are causing trauma to that area, to repair the damage done to itself our skin will form new collagen fibres.  These collagen fibres are not smooth and are likely red in colour.


Though it is possible for incorrectly treated acne to develop scarring it is not as likely. If you are left with small dark red/ brownish marks this could likely be hyperpigmentation which can be treated. The longer a spot takes to heal the more likely it is to scar.


How Can You Prevent Acne Scarring?

  1. Don’t pick your spots

Fight the urge, no matter how long your spot has been there. Picking the spot will cause inflammation and trauma, leading to scarring and redness. If you notice your spots are sticking around a long time even with a skin routine then it may be time to talk to a specialist about getting a new routine suited to you.


  1. Treat the spot

Even if you are not an acne sufferer, a simple breakout can turn into a scarring nightmare. If you have a good routine, then continue with it throughout the breakout (unless your products are what’s causing it). Add a spot treatment containing salicylic acid to your routine. Salicylic acid is a chemical exfoliant which will clear your pores and treat active acne. Preventing bacteria from spreading. If you are a frequent sufferer of breakouts or acne then it’s time to talk to a specialist about upgrading your products. A daily salicylic wash could be perfect for keeping your pores clear and help prevent breakouts, depending on the severity; oil control and spot treatments may still be beneficial.


  1. Wear SPF

Though in Ireland we still do not think SPF is necessary, we need to get out of this habit as it clearly is! Skin cancer is on the rise in Ireland and it is preventable. Wearing SPF daily protects our skin from the UV rays we encounter daily even when it is cloudy or raining. Wearing SPF also has a huge benefit to help prevent ageing as sun damage makes us look years older than we are.

There’s a myth that the sun is good for spots, though some vitamin d can be beneficial to our skin, to get the amount of vitamin d needed however without SPF will likely cause damage. The sun can darken spots and make scarring more noticeable. Wear SPF daily as the last step in your skin routine and prevent your scars from worsening.


  1. See a specialist

The only way to know if your skin routine suits your skin is to get your regime tailored to you by a specialist. What may have worked for your friend may not work for you. It’s important to figure out what’s causing your acne as there are so many different factors; stress, hormonal, diet, irritation the list goes on and on.

How Can I Treat Acne Scarring?


It’s great being able to prevent scarring but what about the scars you already have? There are treatments that minimize the looks of scars and can potentially remove them completely. For example, hydra dermabrasion will help lessen any redness in your skin as well as acne, but cannot remove scarring.


Rejuvapen® micro needling creates controlled collagen induction to the skin to help even out skin texture and skin tone, using the Rejuvapen rather than the roller allows us to go deeper into the skin where needed i.e your scars. This will require multiple treatments and is excellent when alternated with the Hydrafacial to keep your skin clear.


If you’re suffering from acne or acne scars then a consultation with a skin specialist will be the first step in your skin health journey. Contact us now to book in.

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