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Your Wedding Skin – Is it too early to start?


Are you getting married in 2017? Have you started your skin prep yet? When are you planning to?

When should you start your skin prep?

It’s never too early to get healthy skin! The earlier better but optimally the latest you should leave it is 6 months. This is to give your skin time to treat any conditions such as Acne or wrinkles, any less time wouldn’t be enough to get your skin in picture perfect condition. The earlier the better!

What’s the first step for my Skin Care Plan?

For your ultimate skin health the first step is to book in with a Skin Health Specialist who can give your skin a complete facial analysis. This is also the perfect time to address any issues or concerns that you may have such as:

  • Acne/Spots
  • Dry Skin
  • Dry Eyes
  • Dry Lips
  • Frown Lines
  • Worry Lines
  • Smile Lines
  • Smokers Lines
  • Pigmentation
  • Scarring
  • Sagging/ drooping on the face (such as eyebrows or cheeks)
  • Uneven Lips
  • Rosacea

Your skin health therapist will go over every issue and can give you a full skin care plan that addresses your issues. She will also go   What type of treatments you are interested in is of course up to you, some people are interested in injectables while others prefer to stick with skin resurfacing treatments.

What’s Your Skincare Routine?

About 80% of our results will come from our daily routine and a shocking amount of us are using the wrong products for our face! Many chemist bought products contain harsh ingredients that dry out and damage our skin. If bought in a chemist then the products cannot actively change our skin – so they are no use when it comes to real skin issues.

FDA approved products such as the ZO Skin Health and Medical ranges must be given after a consultation with a specialist. This is to ensure that the products are exactly what your skin needs.

The ZO range was created by Zein Obagi one of the world’s leading dermatologists – the range covers just about every skin concern with their wide range of products and offers different strengths depending on what you need.

What Treatments Should I get?wedddingg-skin-prep-amara-dublin

Acne, Rosacea, Pigmentation, Exfoliation

What treatments you get is completely up to you. However the most popular treatment by far for Brides is the HydraFacial MD skin resurfacing treatment. This is a customisable multi step treatment that is tailored to your skin conditions or is just a perfect way to give your face a deep clean and the soft and dewy look.  Find out more about the HydraFacialMD here. You can now add on the Perk to your HydraFacialMD and get a much needed boost for your lips and eyes!

Scarring, Pigmentation and Rejuvenation

For rejuvenation there are a variety of treatments such as Botox and Dermal Fillers, which work at easing fine lines, filling deep ones or restoring lost volume to the skin. A Liquid Facelift is done using a combination of Botox and Fillers and gives an immediate lift to the face while restoring volume.

For Scarring or Pigmentation the optimum treatment is the Rejuvapen Microneedling device. The Rejuvapen improves the texture of the skin and helps improve/remove scarring while encouraging collagen induction. The Rejuvapen can be used all around the body and can actually help with a variety of skin concerns. Why not book in for your consultation?

Start Your Wedding Prep!

The best thing is to book in with a consultation with our doctor and/or skin health specialist. During your consultation we can go over all of your concerns and questions. We have a variety of different packages available in the clinic depending completely on what you are interested in!

Book in and start your wedding glow now!

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