Kim Kardashian Denies having Cosmetic Surgery

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Kim Denies having Plastic surgery

Kim Kardashian tried Anti wrinkle treatment last year upon turning 30 years old—fans watched the Drama unfold on her family’s reality TV series, “Keeping Up With The Kardashians”.  However, Kim developed mild bruising from the treatment and now says she is no longer going to try Anti wrinkle treatment.

Fair enough, but Kim also insists that that it was the only cosmetic surgery procedure she ever tried.  She is even reported to have had bum radiography to prove she hasn’t had bum implants.

“I tried anti wrinkle treatment and wasn’t impressed,” asserts Kim. “My eyes looked different, but it didn’t make me look any younger, so I’m going to stick to anti-wrinkle cream for now.”

“I’m totally not against plastic surgery. I tried anti wrinkle treatment and wasn’t impressed. That’s the only thing I’ve had done,” Kim is reported to have told Hello! magazine.

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