Which side do you sleep on? Can you tell?

Liz Jones has revealed all the information about the plastic surgery she has had, and this week she explained about her new addiction to fillers.

In her column, she recognises that it is easy for people to become fixated about getting plastic surgery, as her own actions are mimicking this.

The 53 year old also admitted that she had to have more filler on the side of her face that she sleeps on.

Bernadette Harte, non-surgical training manager at The Harley Medical Group explains why this is:

“Firstly the side that you sleep on regularly will have more fine lines and wrinkles around the eyes and the naso labial fold (nose to mouth line) on that side will be deeper – this is because the face is pressed against the pillow for an extended amount of time, causing it to crease.

Carol Vorderman –  Right side – She appears to have more lines on this side.
Nancy Dell’Olio – Right side – This side appears to have a greater loss of collagen, as it is not as plump or elastic as the other.
Alex Jones – Its possible she sleeps on her back or with no pillow at all as both sides are quite even.
Kate Winslet – I would say she mainly sleeps on both sides but her naso labial fold is slightly deeper on the left side.
Victoria Beckham – She appears to sleep on both sides – as neither shows more lines than the other however this could be a result of Anti wrinkle treatment and Filler treatments.
Simon Cowell – Right side –  he has more lines around the right eye.
Gary Barlow – Left side –  his naso labial line is deeper.

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