Lines around eyes

under eye lines

Lines around eyes

There are a few different types of lines around the eyes.   I like to divide them into 4 different lines: 


Lines around eyes 1: Crows feet:

crows feet – These look like 3(or more) little crows toes. They are caused by using the muscles for smiling (obicularis occuli) and by having less fat under the skin in the area to the side of the eyes. They face out from the centre of the eye to the side of the face. They are perfect for anti wrinkle injections and will usually disappear if treated 1-3 times. They actually get a little better with filler on the cheek.

Lines around eyes 2: Crows toe:

Crows toe – This line is the upper crows foot, which unfortunately is not just caused by using the smile muscles, and not just caused by lack of volume at the side of the face, but is also caused by heaviness of the brows and brow droop pushing down and adding weight to the top line. This single line can be quite deep and may not go with plain old anti wrinkle injections at the side of the eye. Often a ‘brow lift‘ is needed to lift the brows a little and soften this persistent bad boy.

Lines around eyes 3: Under eye arrow

under eye lines
under eye lines

Under eye arrow – The central fibres of the obicularis under they eye pull tight and in some people these fibres pull loose skin creating a beautiful arrowhead which can often be accompanied by a full arrow

Lines around eyes 4: Outer eye hashtags

Outer eye hashtags – These lines develop in the area just below the outer corner of the eye. Usually these people have experienced the most cheek and upper cheek fat loss. As a result of this, the action of the eye muscles and sometimes the action of sleeping on one side of the face results in ‘hashtags’. As cool as hastags seem to be on twitter, they are not so cool on your face. #notcool Here is a link to some more tips on how to correct lines around the eyes

By Dr Paul Munsanje

Dr Paul Munsanje is the Owner and Medical Director of Amara and has performed over 80,000 treatments since 2007.

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